Mi presento:

   mi chiamo Alvaro, sono un viaggiatore solitario,
filmaker per passione.
      Da molti anni viaggio intorno al mondo alla ricerca di gruppi etnici
in via di estinzione,
      raggiungendo spesso luoghi remoti e di difficile accesso.
Nei miei viaggi la videocamera
      una inseparabile compagna.
E’ con essa che racconto i luoghi e la gente.
                                                            Non cerco immagini che fanno colpo.

                                                            Mi soffermo, osservo e raramente rubo. Racconto la
                                                            vita che . Si, quella degli altri ma anche la mia.

                                                            O meglio, quella che a volte ho vissuto e che vorrei 
                                                            ancora vivere.
                                                            Questo il fascino del viaggio. E’ attraverso le sensazioni
                                                            che  provo al momento della ripresa
che sento di esistere.
                                                            Interpreto e nel contempo vivo i loro ed i miei stati d’animo.
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      I present myself:                                                                                                  
       my name is Alvaro, I am a solitary traveler and an impassioned filmmaker.
      For many years I've traveled the world searching for ethnic groups in danger          

      of extinction.  I often visit remote places on the earth.  In my travels, the  
      camera is my inseparable companion. With it I narrate the
feelings to the
      viewers of my films, along with the stories of the people
and places I visit.
      All that gives me much more personal satisfaction than
trying to make    
     a hit movie.
I’m a guy in his early sixties who has an intense passion for 
      travel, culture, and language. I have been to nearly 100 countries and I
     am always on the verge of planning my next trip. I grew up in a small
     italian town.
    Purpose and motivation

      Reasons for traveling include many emotional and non emotional factors: recreation,
     vacationing, research travel, the gathering of information, visiting people, migration
     to begin life somewhere else, religious pilgrimages and mission trips, business travel,
     trade and other reasons. Travellers may use human-powered transport such as walking
     or vehicles, such as public transport, automobiles, trains and airplanes.
    Motives for travel include:
     discovery and exploration
     getting to know other cultures
     taking personal time for building interpersonal relationships

     Sometime I need many years to plan a trip because they are almost always in remote
      and dangerous areas. Interesting, preserved and protected cultures are only
     in those places that are difficult to access and with very unapproachable peoples.
     My purposes and motivations include everything but my biggest goal is to freeze, block and fix their
     traditions of a people in danger of extinction with images but especially with a video.



Exploring World

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                 La vita un viaggio. Viaggiare significa vivere due volte 
                              Life is a trip.To travel means living twice